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Laboratory Products

Fume Hood Monitors & Alarms

Soundproof Enclosures
for Vacuum Pumps & more

Quiet Benches
for Mass Spectrometry

Elevator Benches
for HPLC

Software for Mass Spec

NIST Software for
Mass Spec & GC

Protein Analysis Software

Mass Mountaineer Software
Tools for Mass Spec

TSS Unity:
Universal Data Reduction
& Reporting Software

Mass Spec Calculator:
Predict Fragmentation Patterns

File Translator Pro:
Convert Legacy
Data Formats
to Your Current Format

Fume Hood Monitors & Alarms

FarHawk Marketing Services is a North American distributor of retrofit kits for TEL brand fume hood monitors and fume hood alarms. TEL monitors are the proven choice among fume hood manufacturers.

This page will automatically redirect you to our SafeFumeHood.com web site, where we include complete information, prices and a secure shopping cart to purchase kits. Or, click on www.safefumehood.com to get there on your own.