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NIST/EPA/NIH Mass Spectral Library (NIST 14) and
NIST Mass Spectral Search Program (Version 2.2)

The NIST Mass Spectral Library and upgrades, as well as software that make the NIST Library and other mass spectrometry task in the laboratory more useful, are now available from FarHawk Marketing.

NIST 2014 Mass Spectral Library

NIST 14 has arrived. It is available either as DVD or download. Current users of NBS 98, NIST 02, NIST 05, NIST 08, and NIST 11 Mass Spectral databases enjoy generous upgrade offers.

For a video of major features of NIST 14, visit NISTMassSpecLibrary.com or click on the image below.

To purchase go to shop.mass-spec-software.com. See below for specific links:

Summary of NIST 14 Mass Spectral Library Features

The NIST 2014 Mass Spectral Library and Upgrades contain all of the following features:

EI Mass Spectral Library: 276,248 carefully evaluated spectra of 242,477 unique compounds, with identifications, nearly all with chemical structures. Click on this link for more on enhancements to the EI Mass Spectral Library.

MS/MS library: 234,284 tandem spectra with 45,298 precursor ions covering a wide range of fragmentation conditions, including charge state (+ and -), ion trap, beam type collision cells (qTOF, HCD, QqQ) over a wide energy range, with most acquired at high accuracy and resolving power. (Also sold separately as the NIST MS/MS Database). Click here for more on the NIST 2014 MS/MS Library.

GC Method/Retention Index Library: 387,463 retention index values (Kovats/Lee) for 82,868 compounds (56,216 in the EI library), covering both polar and non-polar columns. Includes retention indices with GC column conditions and literature citations. (Also available separately as the NIST GC Database). Click here to learn more about the GC Method/Retention Index Library.

Version 2.2 of the MS Search Program Additional use of Retention Index in library searching, i.e., deviation of experimental RI from the library value optionally used to penalize the Match Factor Further, all small molecule mass spectra in NIST libraries now have InChIKeys linked to PubChem (NIH). And for users of the NIST mass spectral library for high resolution, now edit accurate peak m/z, intensities and peak annotations in the built-in mass spectrum editor. To learn more about the new MS Search Program, click here.